Testimonial on ThetaHealing® Sessions & Seminars

“I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for having found Anik, and the changes in my life since taking Theta. I am conquering fears that before had left me paralyzed, taking control of my autoimmune disease, and trusting that my life is my choice. And now learning that my life can be filled with joy and ease, and miracles surround me and all of us daily.
My new theta family has given me the tribe I have always searched for, and the empowerment I have craved.”

Angela Holden – August 2017

“After having a few ThetaHealing sessions with Anik I decided to take the Theta Healing Basic DNA course. It was amazing, and Anik is an amazing instructor who has changed my life for the better. For the first time in a very long time I’m so excited about my future and what wonderful things I will manifest!!! Thank you Anik for everything you do and for helping us live our best life!!!”

Tina- June 2017

“A shout out to the most awesome Anik Malenfant who always helps me clear the crap that piles up in my mind and spirit!  If you need some help dealing with anxiety, worry, fears, or lots of other things that us entrepreneurs deal with, check out Full Circle Wellness! She rocks!! Thanks for your help!”

Kimberly Cameron Eagles- May 2017

“Anik Malenfant is a strong guide and ThetaHealing is her natural tool. Through her guidance and her workshop facilitation, she assists you to dig into yourself and release the parts of yourself that hold you back. She aids you to gently see the parts of self that need to be healed, and easily and joyfully, walks you through as you grow into a stronger version of yourself. She sees clearly what needs to be worked on and knows how to assist you in letting the hardest things go in the easiest way.

“I’ve taken several of Anik’s workshops and she always welcomes you with energy and enthusiasm. The material is always prepared in a clear way and explained so it can be understood by all. Her workshops are always filled with laughter and camaraderie and I’ve met some very good friends in them. Anik facilitates a center of growth in her guidance. You discover elements of yourself that allow you to live a more abundant and fruitful life.” 

“I consider Anik to be one of the best and strongest allies in my journey of personal growth.”

Shannon Edgett- May 2017
Spirit Fox Wellness

My life has done a complete 180 since Anik and Theta came into my life a little over a year ago. With Anik’s help, I have managed to shed many layers and tears along the way. I am no longer living with the heavy weight of the world on my shoulders nor am I always defensive and ready to fight. The challenging relationships with friends and family are easier and more pleasant. I am very thankful that Anik and Theta came into my life.”

Marise Cormier- May 2017


“What a great weekend! I released a lot of emotions that no longer served me.
Anik you are an inspiration to me. Theta Healing has helped me move forward in life.
It helped me overcome depression and many fears. It has been a great journey and now I’m looking forward to experience the rest of my life with JOY, HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE.

Thank you for everything you have done for me.”

Rachel Despres – April 2017


“Theta Healing has totally changed my life! Before Theta Healing I was Negativity magnet and I had the belief that I was not worth it. I reacted to everything in my life and responded to nothing. Now after Theta healing treatments and courses from Anik Malenfant I no longer feel like a victim in my life. I am able to manage / take control with this new awesome power, wonderful perception and outlook on life. Free from anxiety and fear. Now I am grateful for everything I have in my life and I am open to all the new changes that are coming to me in the future. So if you are ready to find out just how awesome the real you truly is then this may be a necessary step in your path to true Happiness!”

Barb Sweeney – Oct 2015


“My experience with Anik and Theta Healing has been nothing less than profound. Anik intuitively hones in on the subconscious beliefs holding me in stuck states and releases them. I felt safe, secure and completely comfortable with her. Aniks warm non-judging and humble manner allowed me  to be open and receptive . I have found some shifts immediate and others to integrate in time. Most amazingly to me is noticing  a situation with an anticipated reaction and realizing it has  shifted …….. no reaction!!!!! Or fears of moving forward are no longer there. Eternally grateful for Anik’s  abilities and guidance. Thank you Anik xo”

Nancy C. – May 2015

“In the short time I have worked with Anik, my life has improved immensely! ThetaHealing has supported me in getting off my Anti-Depressant within 6 months, helped improve my relationship with my kids and family,  helped with my Self-Love and aligned me with my life’s purpose. After doing Theta approx. 1 month, I remember lying in bed and thinking how great my life was and smiling before falling asleep, everything shifted so fast.  Life is Great!”

N Doiron – May 2015

“Showering much deserved light, love and blessings to a very talented healer and a truly beautiful soul ~ Anik Malenfant at Full Circle Wellness

Using her many gifts, Anik offers several very different healing modalities, blending traditional native healing with energy work, including cord cutting, clearing, smudging, chanting and drumming, balancing chakras using crystals, toning, and music.

Anik uses theta to tap into the unconscious blocks that secretly prevent us from making the healthy changes we so desire, thus helping to reset out-dated thought patterns allowing us to finally break free from the ‘stuck in the muck’ feelings. By indentifying and releasing these old, and out-dated patterns that are no longer serving us we become free to enjoy a new life.

Using her own deep spiritual guidance and intuition, each session is uniquely orchestrated  just for you, with input from your own spirit guides,  assistance from the angelic realm and of course Creator, God. All this is provided through her, with a loving and compassionate heart that makes her an amazing healer. Blending all of these tools Anik offers her clients a very individualized healing experience that is largely and most accurately guided by spirit.

I have experienced many benefits from Anik’s various healing modalities over these past several months,  investing in my health has given me new awareness and new possibilities.  I look forward to seeing how these changes will unfold and reveal themselves throughout in this new year.

The path to excellent health is a journey and it is one that we need not make alone.  It is truly my blessing to have discovered such a gifted healer and friend to assist me in this adventure. Many thanks to you, for your love and support,  expressions of a beautiful heart and soul full of love!

Sincerely, Coleen Hamilton ” –  February 2015

ThetaHealing® Manifesting Abundance

“Anik is pretty amazing at helping you identify where you’re stuck. She digs in and calls you out in a way that is gentle but firm. It is amazing how she can do this for a room full of people and yet have everyone laughing despite their discomfort of growth. She is a go to for me in all aspects of my life. I consider her the finest mentor I’ve ever had.”

“Manifesting Abundance is a course that is perfect when you are ready to embrace everything you deserve in your life, and more! You want more time? More money? More happiness? This course is for you! When was the last time you decided you were worth it?”

“Anik is a master of coaching. She knows how to guide you through your hardest moments with joy and ease. As you release your blocks, and all the junk that is standing in the way of you living in your best life, you laugh with humour and fun she uses in the moment. I couldn’t recommend a better guide.”

Shannon Edgett- May 2017

“This course was an amazing transformation of uncovering the beliefs that have been holding me back for decades and clearing them out of the way. My ability to see all that I can manifest and allowing the good to appear has been an incredible journey. Anik has an incredible ability to guide and teach in a way that opened my eyes to the possibilities of allowing abundance into my life, teaching me the skills to clearing the blocks that have been in my way. Her class felt safe, she was always intouch with the class needs and allowed each of us to be led on our own path with her support. Support that is ongoing through her mentorship program. She has been a continuous source of support and encouragement throughout my journey.”

Kim Eagles- May 2017
Owner, Kaos solutions

ThetaHealing® Advanced Class

“It all started when my best friend told me about this awesome way to test your belief system and re-program your limited beliefs stored in your subconscious and therapy to heal chronic pain and illness and overcoming our negative thoughts. This practice is called ThetaHealing. I struggle to believe that all this was possible for me. At the time, I was diagnosed with temporomandibular Joint disorder in my jaw which was very painful. I couldn’t eat and my face was always swollen especially after sleeping because I grinded my teeth. But I finally decided to take both classes of ThetaHealing (Basic Advanced) to allow myself to be open to other ways on benefiting my health. During my classes, I felt so open hearted and felt that I wasn’t the only one in the world that was sensitive as an empath. I was loved and accepted either way if my life was perfect or not. With the help of Anik, my classmates and myself, I learned the knowledge to finally let go of my past and all the negative beliefs that no longer served me. ThetaHealing is a part of my everyday life, it helped me realize that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It also helped me understand my emotions and my past experiences that gave me these subconscious beliefs to begin with. Now everyday I do my best to change beliefs in the most positive and loving way that I can. Focusing on my dreams and how I want my life to look. It’s always going to be a challenge with yourself and others, but I believe if we stick though it, life will keep changing in all sort of positive ways. Now I live my life without TMJ, and can go about my day in pure joy.”

Jill Young- May 2017

“Anik Malenfant at Full Circle has helped me tremendously throughout my healing journey. I started out getting regular ThetaHealing sessions which has helped me balance my emotions and overall well-being. When I first went to see Anik, I felt like I was drowning in my own emotions and victimhood. After a few sessions, I felt like I could breathe again. Anik is great at determining which subconscious beliefs to clear when you are unsure which direction you want the healing to go. Her sessions will leave you feeling refreshed and empowered creating more room for positivity, joy and abundance.

I also had the opportunity to participate in the courses Anik offers including the basic and advanced ThetaHealing classes. Her classes are fun, informative and interactive, giving you a toolbox full of new knowledge that you can use daily. She allows you to unlock the natural healing abilities within so that you can create the life you want. Since ThetaHealing has been in my life, I feel more in control of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Taking these classes has definitely created many positive shifts in my life and I highly recommend taking them if you want quick and easy changes!!

I strongly recommend connecting with Anik if you are ever feeling lost, stuck and overwhelmed or if you want more positivity in your life! Her wonderful healing, teaching and mentoring skills will easily help you move into the right direction.

Thank you Anik! “

M.M – March 2017

“My first interaction with Anik Malenfant in June 2013 was simply amazing. I had been gifted with a Theta Healing treatment and my limited knowledge of this modality left me not knowing what to expect. It however proved to be a magnificent gift. When I walked out of Full Circle Wellness that day, something profound had occurred. I had sensed it during the treatment, as though a weight had been lifted or a shift in my way of thinking had occurred. Which ever, I was a different person; forever changed! Since then, I have had the privilege to attend Anik’s Basic and Advanced Theta training and have become a Theta practitioner of my own. Anik is truly a gifted teacher, healer, and practitioner.

Roland Couture -Oct 2015

Testimonials on Intuitive Energy Healing Session

“Want to feel happier? Lighter? Healthier? More energetic? Then you must get an energy healing treatment from Anik! She is so in tune with the body and spirit and able to balance energies. Our cars get tune ups every few months… doesn’t it make sense that our bodies get one too? You will not regret it!”

Janet K. – February 2014

“I highly recommend the energy healing services at Full Circle Wellness Centre. Anik went above and beyond my expectations and I left there feeling great and at peace. Thank you, I will definitely be back!”

C. Lagacy – March 2013

“I met Anik a few months ago where it was the most difficult time in my life. I was drawn to her by her positive energy. As I got to know Anik’s work, I was excited to have CHIOS treatments by her. With the help of the Angel’s and her technique, I was able to release my fear, anger and anxiety. Through my emy expectations and I left there feeling great and at peace. Thank you, I will definitely be back!”

T. Richard March 2012

“Anik has a unique ability to read a person’s aura and energy fields. With her passion for helping others she brings a gentleness of spirit that touches you on a very personal level. I could feel the energy moving through and around me as she balanced my chakras and worked with my auric field. The session left me physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced. Thank you Anik.”

Darlene – May 2012

Testimonial on Sound Healing Session

“I have received a treatments with Terry for sound healing. I was surprised how subtle the method can be, where the vibrations of the different instruments would flow into my body and we found a couple places in my muscles that were blocked when the sounds would aggravate the area. After clearing the blocks, I was able to feel a lot of relief in my back and knee. It was a good method for me because I wasn’t sure what to do next and my other therapies weren’t helping. I really liked Terry’s blending of techniques and instruments and it gave the experience a very personal feel. It was very easy to relax and be comfortable. I really feel like his work would be helpful for people who need more subtle work or people who have trouble relaxing or getting out of their heads.”

Alana Paul – February 2014

Testimonial on Intuitive Energy Distance Healing Session

“I was immediately drawn to Anik as my Chios Energy Healing teacher. Her warmth and genuine caring nature was apparent from the first email I received from her. I recently had a (distance) healing session with her and could feel my chakras and aura being cleared of old ‘stuff’ that no longer served me. I felt light and free and ready to face the world again in a calmer, more focused state. Anik has helped me to be both grounded in this physical world and aware of the energetic realm, which to me, is a perfect balance. Thank you, Anik!”

Maggie Power – November 2012

Testimonial on Raindrop Technique Therapy

“I had the Raindrop Technique done today and I am still feeling the wonderful effects of it. Anik is very gentle and professional in her approach to helping her clients become their best selves. With this technique, several different essential oils are used on the feet and spine. It is done in a very relaxing manner and Anik is never in a rush to get to the next client, she takes her time to make sure each person gets what they need. I highly recommend Full Circle for all your healing needs”

Kelly G. March 2014


Testimonial on Ion Detox Foot Bath with Infrared Therapy

“Since I was a child, I have been an allergy sufferer.  Over the last 3 years I have relied heavily on my neti pot and allergy pills to alleviate my symptoms in order to be able to function and get through my day.  After my third Ion footbath, I woke up one morning and realized that for the first time since I could remember I was breathing easily through my nose.  I have since not used the neti pot and am no longer required taking daily allergy medication.  As well, with Anik’s guidance, I was able to clear up a Candida issue.   I don’t feel so doom and gloom anymore and my brain fog has improved; I feel like I am able to improve my health and not be “stuck” with allergies and chronic health issues.  I feel great overall.  Anik, I am grateful to you for being such a people person and so knowledgeable.   I just regret that I didn’t find the time to go sooner; I would have felt better quicker.”

Simonne – October 2012

“First, I would like to thank you Anik, having the foot baths has improved my overall well being.  I feel so much better and rejuvenated.  After my footbaths I feel like I have more energy.  It has given me the support to be able to quit some bad habits (have stopped drinking Pepsi) as well encouraged me to incorporate some good habits (drinking more water and eating healthier).  I love not feeling sick all the time and being more peppy/perky!”

Yvonne Collette – February 2013


Testimonial on Angel Reading with Terry Landry

“I have had 2 readings with Terry and have always appreciated the subtle messages that come through them. Terry has a genuine and very gentle approach when explaining the meaning behind the readings. He always makes sure that you understand the messages and is more than willing to elaborate if things aren’t clear. I still go back to the information that he has given me as I gained a greater understanding of it with time. Much gratitude!”

B.L. – December 2012

Testimonial on Energy Healing Classes

“I attended the Chios level 1 class giving by Anik Malenfant and I can honestly say that it was a life-changing class for me! Anik is a natural teacher and leader, she made everyone feel welcomed and cherished throughout the workshop. I look forward to attend more of Anik’s workshops and I highly recommend Anik for anyone is who interested in gaining more knowledge on their health and wellness.”

Marie-Andrée Blanchette – February 4, 2013

Testimonial on Chakras Up Close© Learning Series

 “I truly loved this course!! I took it last spring and still consult my book/notes regularly. Anik is an awesome teacher/spiritual leader who is dynamic and interesting. Anyone wanting to improve energy levels and/or enhance awareness should look into it. Great course!!”

Nicole Smith – May 2013

“Well worth it! Took it and loved it. Anik you are a great teacher!”

Monique Langis – May 2013


Testimonial on Boundaries Learning Series

Anik’s boundary class has been extremely instrumental in my becoming aware of past experiences and how they affect my life, energies and relationships around me today. The class gave me tools to discover self limiting programs and methods to shift them to gain more of what I want in my life. Highly recommend this class to Everyone !!!

Nancy C. May 2015