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Private Meditation Sessions

Colorful meditation

Access the serenity of your internal sanctuary

In these sessions you are taught a variety of techniques to help you quiet your mind as you continue to progress and practice the learnt skill of meditation.  As you progress, the meditation styles are selected to help you to continue to improve your practice.

The proper practice of meditation is very powerful in incoming stress, anxiety, self-defeating thoughts or behaviours as well as an innumerable list of other mental, physical and psychological benefits.

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Custom Holistic Healing Session

Holistic healing focuses on helping you heal from the inside out. We work to correct the root cause of your ailment by identifying where your blockages are which can be on the energetic, subconscious, genetic or historical level. We use a custom approach to help you overcome these in the way that best suits you and your needs.Healing_tools1

Several modalities are enlisted in these healings including various energy therapies, releasing limiting beliefs and behaviours, intuitive messages, positive affirmations, aromatherapy, sound and crystal healing depending on the individual’s specific needs.

In Person or by Distance

Energy Healing available at Full Circle Wellness Centre


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“Anik has a unique ability to read a person’s aura and energy fields. With her passion for helping others she brings a gentleness of spirit that touches you on a very personal level.  I could feel the energy moving through and around me as she balanced my chakras and worked with my auric field. The session left me physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced. Thank you Anik.”

Darlene – May 2012

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Etheric Cord Cutting, Clearing & Aura/Chakra Re-balancement

Ethereal_Cords copyThis Technique is a great compliment to any energy work.  It has proven to be most useful for those who are looking to move forward from past relationships, let go of old behaviours and/or to be set free from energetic obligations.

We all have etheric cords attached to us; some good and some are dependent.  These may be draining our life force and thus disrupting the energy centre where they are attached.  In this session, we begin by clearing your energy body of miss-qualified energies, then ethereal cords that are not serving your highest good and draining your personal power are severed and filled with love and compassion.  You then receive an Aura/Chakra balancement to help clear your meridians and rebalance your auric energy flow with the intention of returning you to a more balanced and self-nurturing/self-sustaining state.


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The powerful Theta brainwave state allows beliefs to be easily identified and aligned with our conscious desires. Theta Healing works on the cellular level to remove physical and emotional block, re-engineering cellular memory. This is not hypnosis, as you are conscious and completely aware at all times.
Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life.  When the deepest causes of a problem are resolved, then powerful and immediate life transformations will result. Never has it been so easy to make such profound and life changing shifts to our subconscious minds. What’s true for us on the inside, reflects perfectly on the outside – in our lives!  So as long as you want to create real change in your life, then you’re ready to heal withTheta Healing.

Breaking Beleifs


Desired Life Program – Series of Session (10 Hours)(Cannot be booked online)

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“My experience with Anik and Theta Healing has been nothing less than profound. Anik intuitively hones in on the subconscious beliefs holding me in stuck states and releases them. I felt safe, secure and completely comfortable with her. Aniks warm non-judging and humble manner allowed me to be open and receptive . I have found some shifts immediate and others to integrate in time. Most amazingly to me is noticing a situation with an anticipated reaction and realizing it has  shifted …….. no reaction!!!!! Or fears of moving forward are no longer there. Eternally grateful for Anik’s  abilities and guidance. Thank you Anik xo”

Nancy C. – May 2015

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Manifesting Abundance Coaching

Discover how you can tap into the law of attraction and create the life you truly deserve. These manifesting sessions focus on releasing the blocks that are holding you back from attracting your desired life. Whether it be attracting your most compatible soul mate, career, business development, states of being or circumstances all things are possible when you match your point of attraction align with your Divine purpose and timing.

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Expanding love

Abundant Program – Series of Sessions (10 Hours): $800 (cannot be booked online)


Divine Purpose Alignment

This session uses a variety of techniques and coaching to support you as you align your subconscious programs, understanding, and vibration to your true soul and life purpose.  The great news is that your life’s purpose is created and designed based on your deepest and most authentic passions and desires.  When you are fully in alignment with your life’s purpose, your days are filled with joy, personal fulfillment and ease! Most will experience a noticeable shift after their first session.

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Soul Alignment

When we undergo trauma in our life we may suffer loss of our vital essence. The causes of this can be events such as a difficult birth experience, abuse, accidents and relationship breakdown. There is usually a sense of shock and betrayal involved. In our initial pain the soul can fragment and flee in terror. In some circumstances the soul can be so traumatized that it does not return.

Symptoms of Soul Loss may include:

Feelings of fragmentation.

Blocked memory.

Being unable to feel love deeply for self or others.

A sense of remoteness.

Chronic Depression.

Feeling out of place.

Most importantly, our intuition tells us when we have suffered soul loss. We feel as if a part of ourselves is missing. There may be a strong sense of energy depletion and disharmony. This will be evident within us and reflected in our life and relationships. Deep down the sense that ‘something’ is wrong never goes away, we know that part of ourselves has become lost, left somewhere out in the world. Sometimes it may be due to past life or birth trauma a soul fragment may not have been fully incarnated with us or perhaps it can be another person who holds onto our vital essence, such as a past love who still holds a piece of our heart. Once our system is out of balance we are open to destructive intrusions entering the energetic field. These may manifest in the form of illness, addictions, negative thoughts and feelings.  Whatever the reason for soul loss it is necessary to call back our energy. We call it back cleansed and filled with the light and love of the Universe.


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House Clearing and Dowsing

Sometimes your home or workspace may seem to carry heavy energy or to be “stuffy” even when clean.  We visit your home or workspace and conduct an appropriate clearing ceremony and smudging to remove any miss-qualified energies or thought forms from the space so it is returned to being its free and light state. We also dowse the space and indicate any meridian lines or otherwise and how to deal with them.

We teach you how to clear yourself, your spaces and your belongings so that you may enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment.

(Within city limits) (Approx. 2/3 hours)

Smoke detectors must be disabled

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Our cancellation policy requires 48 hours notice for an appointment change or cancellation, otherwise the time booked will be billed accordingly.

By purchasing a session you are agreeing to the following:
You are over 18 years of age. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement. My reading are not a substitute for professional services, for any such matter you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.



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Mindset Makeover

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Ethereal Cords – What’s Draining You?

Intuitive Development

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ThetaHealing® Classes

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Healing and Balancing Boundaries

*** Disclaimer ***

I am not a medical physician or a psychotherapist so I can’t diagnose medical/psychological problems or give medical/psychological advice. Please consult the appropriate professionals for these issues.

Energy Healing should be viewed as i health care. See your physician(s) regularly and keep him/her informed of any change in your condition(s). Never stop taking prescriptions or treatments without consulting your physician first. I think it would be wise to keep your physician informed of all your complimentary health care plans or interests.

Energy Healing may work in mysterious ways. Even though I am very confident about this type of treatment, I cannot guarantee the degree of healing that will occur. Chronic, long-term problems could take weeks or months before seeing significant improvement. It is your choice to continue treatments. …I won’t feel insulted if you choose to stop.

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