Transformational Workshops

Transformational Workshops – Are you ready to transform your life forever for the better?

    • Healing and Balancing Boundaries
    • Chakras Wisdom®
    • Manifesting Abundance Program
    • Ethereal Cords – Who’s Plugged into you?
    • Meditation Series
    • Intuitive Development
    • Chios® Energy Field Healing Classes
    • Reiki Classes
    • ThetaHealing® Classes


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Creating, Healing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries – Learning Series

Your energy field has borders that are meant to protect and support you during your journey in the physical realm.  When these become unbalanced it can hinder your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and evolution.  By understanding and overcoming these unbalances, you can break the cycles you may be caught in, attract the life you want and repel what you don’t want.  Your borders all vibrate at a certain frequency…what channel are you tuned into?

  • Email support and mentor program for the length of the course
  • Interactive and Intimate Class Environment
  • A large toolbox of techniques able to support you whatever your energetic needs

8-week commitment – one day a week from 6:45pm-9pm – Investment $250

Aura and Chakras – Your Ethereal Body Understood

There is another dimension of our bodies that many of us either don’t understand or a not even aware of.  This is our ethereal or energy body.  In this workshop, we review how our auras are generated, how they support our wellbeing, and what roles each of our chakras play in supporting our physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  We will also review 12 of the major auric layers, when they are developed and their purpose.

Ethereal Chords – Who’s Plugged into you?

Cords are made of astral and etheric energy and connect two people’s subtle bodies. They stretch between two people very much like an umbilical cord and transfer emotional energy and chi between the two.  Sometimes these cords are created as one person is in need of ethereal energy and is in essence draining the other’s life force from them.  In this workshop, we review the different types of cords and assist in disconnecting cords that are suiting your highest good and rebalancing your energy.

Sound Healing Meditation Evening

Join us for an evening of Sound healing and explore your inner worlds.

Discover the power of sound to by-pass the cognitive mind to enlist your natural capacity for inner healing on an a deeper level.

Sound has been used for thousands of years to facilitate healing, growth and evolution by countless traditions.

Come see what a night of sound can awaken within you!

Internal Alchemy

Interested in Learning about your eheric body (Ka), celestial soul (Ba) and life force?

In this workshop you will learn the benefits of strengthening these aspects of yourself and techniques to do so.

These teachings are based on ancient Egyptian Alchemy an include simple yet powerful tools to strengthen your spiritual connection.

Chakras Wisdom®

Learning Series

Our Chakras are individual power centers that generate electromagnetic fields that support and make up your aura. Each is it’s own entity has a role to play in your life. In this series of workshops, we review each chakra in great detail over an 8-week period (one chakra per evening)

We will review details from their specific roles, symptoms of unbalance and a variety of tools available to enhance balance of roots of your auric field.

Some of the Items reviewed for each chakra:Color, Sound, Room, Food, Scent, Sense, Affirmations, Direction, Emotions, Qualities, Essential Oils, Focus, Stones, Symptoms of over/underactive chakras, Blocked Chakras, various healing techniques and more

Receive a workbook stuffed with everything chakras!

  • Email support and mentor program for the length of the course
  • Interactive and Intimate Class Environment
  • A large toolbox of techniques able to support you whatever your energetic needs
  • Chakra Stone Kit
  • Chakra and Aura Attunement

8-week commitment – one day a week from 7pm-9pm – Investment $250


Intuitive Development

Have you ever wondered how to effectively connect with and communicate to your guides and angels? With so much information available it can be like a boat in the ocean on a cloudy day with no compass and lots of opinions about which way to go. Whether you are experienced or a beginner you will learn some simple, effective and valuable tools to use creating a stronger relationship with your higher self, guides and angels.

    Intuitive Development – Level 1 – $80
    Intuitive Development – Level 2 – $100

Chios Energy Healing – Understanding and Healing your Aura

Chios Book

Understand and heal yourself and all around you on a deeper level. Learn about the ethereal dimension that surrounds and sustains us all. Chios® is a gateway to truly understand the Aura and Chakras.

Chios® Energy Healing employs spiritual healing methods which expand the awareness of the energy healer.  This modality uses energy, color, shapes and light healing techniques to catalyze healing in the patient’s energy field helping them break free from afflictions and limitations of body, mind and spirit.  It may provide enhanced quality of life for the patient and facilitate spiritual growth.

Energy healing is often a powerful spiritual path for the practitioner as well. Energy Healing is also valuable as complementary care of serious illnesses, also included are an integral meditation method and personal growth exercises especially designed for the energy healer.  This modality is a great compliment to any other healing technique.

Chios © Energy Field Healing is also available by distance

Chios ® Energy Healing Level 1 – Healing with Energy

What you will learn and receive:

  • Introducing Chios Energy Healing
  • Learn the Chios healing meditation
  • Receive a Level I attunement
  • How to channel the energy
  • Learn to sense the energy field
  • Understanding the chakra system
  • Energy healing Treatment outline
  • Procedures for disease
  • Healing yourself
  • Healing pets and plants
  • Hands-on healing experience
  • Exercise Book
  • Certification

Chios ® Energy Healing Level 2 – Practitioner

What you will learn and receive:

  • Receive a Level II attunement
  • Healing with Symbols
  • Reading and viewing the aura and chakras
  • Visualizing and identifying energetic defects
  • Assessing treatment needs
  • How to repair and clear the auric field
  • Using light in healing
  • Treating specific diseases
  • Workbook
  • Exercise Book
  • Certification as a Chios Practitioner

Chios ® Energy Healing Level 3 – Master Teacher

What you will learn and receive:

  • Receive a Level III Attunement
  • Learning to heal with energy, color, shapes and light
  • Viewing the seven layers of the aura
  • Repairing energetic defects in the chakras
  • Reading, rebalancing and charging the chakras
  • Learn and perform the Radiatory Method of healing
  • Code of Ethics for Becoming a Chios Master
  • Healing the seventh layer of the aura
  • Learn and perform Frisson Healing
  • Perform distance healings
  • Treat specific diseases
  • Workbook
  • Exercise Book
  • Certification as a Master Teacher


Reiki Classes

Reiki, is universal life force energy applied through the hands which activates the whole person and creates harmony on all levels. Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways. This healing energy treats the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the person. This non-invasive treatment provides enhanced energy, pain relief, better sleep, speeds the healing process,

de-stresses, and eases anxiety, among other benefits. Reiki works in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques and is also widely used in hospitals, hospices, and with plants, children and animals.

Reiki is also available by distance

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Theta Healing Classes

ThetaHealing addresses the limiting subconscious beliefs below the surface that holds us back from reaching our fullest potential, our most optimal health & deepest joy.

Basic ThetaHealing

In this 3 day intensive and interactive workshop, you will learn how to easily access the Theta brain wave state, connect with the Creator of all that is, and create dramatic and lasting changes in your life.

Here are just some of the many things your will learn:

  • How to connect with the Creator of all that is and the 7th plane energy to do readings and healings instead of using your own energy.
  • How to find, test and change the unconscious limiting beliefs that are often behind many illnesses and challenges in your life.
  • How to transform your DNA and genetic predispositions and activate your youth and vitality chromosomes
  • How to Manifest, do future readings, work with Guardian Angels and retrieve Soul Fragments

Advanced ThetaHealing

  • Here are just some of the many things your will learn:
  • Deepen your ability to clear beliefs, fears and assumptions about life and unbinds you from previous vows, oaths and contracts.
  • Learn in depth about the 7 Planes of Existence.
  • Offers more then 500 life enhancing belief changes.
  • Teaches advanced techniques such as clearing trauma from within the womb, clearing free floating memories and resolving resentments and regrets.

This Class includes Vianna’s Latest book and class manual

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