March 4, 2017
by Anik Malenfant
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Top 3 Manifesting Killers

In my work, I come across a lot of miss-perceptions when it comes to manifesting. Good, honest hardworking people doing their best and then totally blindsided by these humbling and common social beliefs around manifesting.

Before we dive right in, let me give you the quick and dirty on manifesting.  Everything in the Universe is energy…EVERYTHING! YOU are a walking, talking magnet.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings generate a vibe, a beacon… So, what you attract is a combination of your conscious (5%) and subconscious (95%) beliefs.  Like attracts like, simple.

Discover the top 3 miss-perceptions to avoid, and as a result, improve your manifesting abilities now!

Manifesting Killer # 1

If I think good thoughts, good things will happen

Now, having a positive attitude is a great quality to have and a heck of a good start, but understand that this is mostly superficial.  Your real attitude towards things lies beneath the surface in your subconscious. Your combined beliefs, conscious (5%) and subconscious (95%) is what determines the frequency of your vibration attracting opportunities or challenges to you.

When you honestly look at your life, and what you desire doesn’t match your reality, then there are limiting subconscious programs brewing under the surface that are manifesting the challenges and obstacles you are facing every day.

Think of it this way, you are consciously thinking good thoughts with the power equivalent of a mouse. But your subconscious manifestations are powered by an elephant. Who do you think is going to win?  You’ll often see this battle come to the surface where you’ll know better, but your feelings and behaviors tell a different story and you likely feel that you are battling within yourself, the truth is, you are.

If you’re uncertain of where you stand, just take an honest look at your life, there lies your answer. Check out my Reality Check worksheet for support on getting real on your reality. So, if your life is mostly good, that’s awesome, your conscious/subconscious are mostly in alignment, but if they are not, that’s when the ride starts getting bumpy.  The fact is, the road to your dream life is clear, we are the ones who riddle it with potholes and obstacles in some miss-directed attempt to keep ourselves “safe” in our comfortable and known realities.

Manifesting Killer # 2

If I’m a good person, good things will happen to me.

The over-doers, over-givers and the selfless, God love them! Those kind and generous souls just give, give, give.  All amazing qualities of character but here’s the rub. What I’ve discovered is that many of those loving, caring souls have a deep, dark secret. Behind closed doors they reluctantly admit to lack personal fulfilment, satisfaction and self-value.

Let me be clear, giving and being kind is awesome and feels SO good, BUT what happens is it can become their main source of value and how they validate and recognize their worth. Giving to themselves feels shameful or guilt ridden, and saying no to other’s and yes to themselves feels wrong. The program that is running in the background simplified is: I am good because I do ABC for others.

I’ve worked with people that have kept this up unhindered for decades, but essentially, this is the equivalent of a non-renewable energy source, you have to keep giving to feel good, eventually they suffer burn out, are resentful, feel unappreciated, unimportant and undervalued. They look around at their lives realizing that there is little to nothing in it that reflects what THEY want, it’s always been about what other people need from them. Often when asked what they want, they have NO CLUE what their desires and passions are. Their entire life has been about what others want without questioning what they want. Then after years of endless sacrifice, they wonder why their life doesn’t reflect all the goodness they’ve put out there.  In fact, often when they begin to reclaim their time and energy to include some of their own wants they are met with objection and resistance by those who they have so selflessly given too. Feelings of guilt and shame ensue followed by resentment and anger topped with feelings of being unappreciated, unvalued, unrecognized and unimportant.

So, what happened there? They created a dynamic, a status quo for their relationships and certain expectations were created based on experience.  You’ve certainly experienced this if you’ve given an inch and then tried to take it back.

Now, there’s huge different between giving because you WANT to and giving because it makes you feel valuable, the latter speaks to the underlying truth that a part of you doesn’t recognize your true value without needing to do something for someone else first.

The most common reason people over-give is because how they quantify their value is based on what they can offer and give to others.  As soon as they pull back on their giving their perception of their value instantly begins to depreciate in value and their external environment will reflect back to them this perspective.  Then what happens when you want to do something for yourself… or you are sick or need to take care of your own needs, you feel bad about yourself and you begin to depreciate in value because of this belief structure….

Manifesting Killer # 3

If I am patient and wait my turn my dreams will come true

Yes, patience is a virtue, however, if you believe that there is some sort of Universal ticket system where we all get a number and eventually yours will get called then my friend, you will wait a long, long time!

The truth is, everything you want that you don’t already have in your life simply exists outside of your comfort zone.  You can wait and bide your time until you feel comfortably worthy of these things and release the fears around taking the next step or you can just expand your comfort zone (the boundary which is created by your limited perspective and fears) by shifting your perspective and releasing your fear so that it can encompass your desire.  Yeah… It’s that simple!

Now I’m not saying just believe that you’re a surgeon and then walk into an O.R. without training.  There a balance between expecting miracles and being reasonable.  Often our perspective of what is truly possible is way understated. The Universe’s unlimited way of creating opportunities well exceeds our limited human perspective of what’s possible.

Being open and expecting a miracle without getting involved in the how is a good vibration to be in to receive what you desire. By upgrading your perspective and freeing yourself of limiting fear, you expand your field of vision, and you increase your comfort zone to include previously unattainable opportunities.

Believe me when I say, you’d be surprised what is already sitting on your doorstep if you simply shifted your perspective on what’s possible. Patiently waiting for a knock on the door is not going to “earn” you the right to your dreams, opening the door will.

So, what does this all mean, and how does it unfold in real life? I once had a boss who would always mock our colleague for her “rose-colored glasses”.  She resented the fact that this person got the bigger office, more support, and always seemed to get what she wanted from management. Now, our team brought in more revenue than our colleague so by rights, it “should” have been the reverse. However, my friend with the rose-colored glasses being in alignment with a perspective of being worthy of her desires without fear of asking for them reaped the rewards of her manifestations.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my boss’ resentment continued to offer her the short end of the stick, energetically telling the Universe having “that” is bad and like the eye of the storm all that she resented others for having she was void in receiving. She had “waited her turn”, volunteered heavily, worked hard yet still struggled to receive the benefits that the girl with the rose-colored glasses acquired so effortlessly.

I didn’t quite understand at the time the law of attraction and the power of belief, but I did know one thing, I wanted in, and so began the search for my own pair of rose-colored glasses, and I tell you, it’s pretty sunny on this side of the glass!

So, in short, if you don’t like what you what you see and your conscious beliefs are on the up and up, then you need to take a look at your subconscious programs and see which one(s) aren’t working for you anymore.  You’re not broken, just like any software, you just need an upgrade, pure and simple.

Again, here’s my Reality Check worksheet if you want to see where you might be out of alignment.

Anik Malenfant
Transformational Mentor & Educator


October 16, 2016
by Anik Malenfant
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Full Moon Ritual

This moon is particularly powerful time as its not only the harvest/Hunter’s moon, but it’s also a super moon. This is a great time for you to release old patterns and bring about positive change.
When you let go of something it makes room for you to embrace something else, something different. This particular moon is in Aries, which is linked with a fiery and adventurous energy. This is a great energy to tap into as we move into a new season and harvest the natural currents of change to guide and support us.
Full MoonClearingFCWC
Here is a suggested Full Moon ritual for you to leverage the natural energetic wave of change.
• Give yourself at least 20-30 minutes of undisturbed space where you can set your focus and preform your personalized ritual or blessing.
• Outside under the full moon or by a window overlooking the moon and receiving the powerful moon rays.
• Prepare your sacred space with a candle, incense, smudge, stones, tranquil music etc. (follow what feels right for you)
• Take a moment to set your intention and vibration with an opening prayer or blessing. Here’s an example. “I call upon all that I am to be here in this moment. I release all energies that disrupt my natural sate of love and stillness and I bless this space that I fully inhabit with my presence”
• Light a candle to represent the awakening and to carry the energy of your intentions and blessing.
• In a journal or notebook, write down all the things you would like to release, whether it be on the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level
• Give thanks for those experiences you are releasing
• Acknowledge that you are now ready to move forward freely and symbolically cast off your list in anyway that you feel guided or simply blow out your candle, whichever approach that for you represents solidifying your intention of releasing your noted intentions.
• Visualize yourself being free from these and letting them go on all levels of your being. Take a deep breath and bring in the moon energy to support your intention.
• The moon represents the grandmother and the energy of love and nurturing, feel free to engage in self-care and give yourself the gift of time and presence.
Abundant Blessings!
xo Anik

May 3, 2016
by Anik Malenfant
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Activate Your Power!

What does it take to live in our power? What does that really mean and how will it change us?

Let’s start by defining the word power, it can be used in many ways, however we are concerned with what it means in the term “personal power”. A dictionary definition is “the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a quality”

That kind of power is in all of us, it is the confidence in a job interview, the determination when starting a project, it’s what’s behind a decision to do what’s best for us or our children, it’s the courage to face a personal battle, the strength to overcome a fear or limitation, the discipline to beat an addiction. Personal power is many things to us, it is revealed in countless forms in our life, or it is not. The choice is ours to make.

Ultimately to live in our power takes awareness that it is there, and the choice to connect with it. Some are unaware of it, others are afraid of it and some just don’t know what to do with it. The solution to this is to explore your inner worlds and find a way to express your power, maybe you desire more confidence, then look in your life where you would like to have that and apply it in steps, see yourself as confident and feel what it does for you, then implement it in steps your comfortable with. Maybe you want to be more assertive, start by making small changes and envision yourself as assertive. Stay connected to your inner power and even an intimidating boss won’t control you.

Your personal power for most is felt in the solar plexus region of your body, associated with the solar plexus chakra. It is there the power resides, ready to be called into action at appropriate times. We probably don’t need to be “in our power” when ordering a coffee at our favorite coffee shop. However, we may find it useful to connect with our inner power when unacceptable conditions are present at work or in personal relationships, or when another person becomes rude or controlling as the energy from such individuals can be toxic, so it is best not to be an open door for them.

How do we appropriately express our power? Simple, in a kind, firm, loving (as possible) way, not from ego.

How do we find that part of us that can be tapped into? We feel it, and that is achieved by embracing it, seeing it as a part of ourselves in whatever form represents power to us. It is an aspect of our self, an inseparable gift from the divine, our birthright to be powerful creators of our experiences.

Sometimes there will be energetic/psychological blocks associated with the solar plexus chakra and should be addressed by personal clearing work or with a qualified healer. Living in our power will take some inner exploration to find it and what it means to us will take some personal reflection. Living in your power will most likely make a lot of changes in your life, some will be comfortable changes while other’s will cause disruption in your own life or others. In the end you will be happier, more at peace and live with less regrets. Others may not always understand your choices, but remember, your life is not up to them, it is up to you!


Terry Landry

Intuitive & Sound Healer

February 17, 2016
by Anik Malenfant
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Transform your life

Transform your Life

 Transform your Life!

You will often hear, change is hard, but does it have to be?  

A few years ago, I let go of this belief and discovered that it actually doesn’t have to be hard at all, in fact, you can transform your life with Joy & Ease!

Have you ever watched the Movie “The Secret” or been blessed with teachings from Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Dr. Bruce Lipton or Louise Hay who share the concept of just how powerful our thoughts are?  I have, and when I really started to embrace this approach as a way of life, things changed, and in an amazing way… but then… I hit a plateau, it was like there was a limit to how much affirmations and positive thoughts could take me.  I tried all of the tools, vision boards, transmuting negative emotions, focused intention, guided imagery… you name it!

I knew thoughts created my reality, but I was attracting things, people and experiences that consciously I was not asking for…  I had the concept down, I understood it and was truly aware of the direct impact my perspective and emotions had on how my life was unfolding. And although I had some great tools that each of these wonderful teachings brought me, I was missing one key aspect. A missing puzzle piece, the mechanism to access and change the underlying cause of what was attracting these unwanted experiences.

If you have even been blessed with the teachings of Dr. Bruce Lipton & Dr. Wayne Dyer around the power of thoughts, you have learnt that our conscious thoughts only attribute 5% of our vibration (what we attract) and our subconscious mind an astounding 95%!  This made so much sense to me as I explored this concept further, but then I was left with more questions.. HOW do I access this part of my mind, I tried further tools and approaches and became very successful at discovering what subconscious programs, beliefs, feelings and behaviours were creating my life patterns and cycles… I became almost overwhelmed in fact by all the limiting beliefs I discovered and thought I would never be able to get where I wanted to be…

Then I found ThetaHealing®… or I should say ThetaHealing found me and that’s when I really stepped into my co-creating power. I taped into my manifesting rockstar!  Like night and day, I not only identified underlying subconscious limiting beliefs, but I was able to change them in an instant, feel immediate results and saw tangible changes in how my life was unfolding…I went from struggling to living in my personal vortex of prosperity…and it’s been an amazing ride…In fact, my life was so dramatically enhanced, it illuminated my passion for this approach to the point where I wanted to share it with everyone I met, so  I traveled to the US to become certified by Vianna Stibal, its founder, as an instructor.

What is so wonderful about this approach is that everyone can learn to do this… in fact… you are already going in to a Theta brainwave state every time you dream at night. What you learn to do in ThetaHealing is how to do that while you are still awake and conscious and you open the gates to a powerful communication between your conscious and subconscious mind so that you can align them.  Then you learn how to make changes to the different blocks you uncover.

This is why we often will feel torn, uncertain, or we know something consciously but we don’t really feel that it’s true, those are classic miss-alingment symptoms.  Another quick and easy way to see if you are out of alignment is to simply look at what you consciously desire and compare it to your current reality… where their are discrepancies is where your limiting beliefs and blocks lie. That is just how powerful a creator you are, if you desire it, you can create it unless you have blocks around achieving it.
Classroom prez

I love to share my passion of energy psychology, and I’d love to share it with you. Find me at a local expo, a private session or join me for a seminar.

Be sure to take advantage of our early bird and combo rates by registering early for one of our upcoming offering of Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing Seminars and discover just how powerful a creator you truly are and save up to $210… then this might just be up your alley.

learn more 


Love seeing you Shine!

Big Love,

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Anik J. Malenfant

ThetaHealing® Instructor Basic, Advanced & Manifesting Abundance

ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Game of life, Rhythm, Dig Deeper, Soulmates, Family Ties

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February 3, 2016
by Anik Malenfant
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3 Essential Elements to Align with Your True Divine Purpose




3 Essential Elements to Align with Your Divinely Guided Purpose


So, you are listening to that inner draw, that nagging, that has been poking at you for some time.  You’ve discovered that there is more for you to do, a deeper contribution that calls to your soul.  You have awakened a sleeping dragon within you and may feel that if you don’t move in this direction… You may just implode… It’s not about whether or not you should do this… It’s now about the how, getting your perspective wrapped around the here to there of your transformation.

So you’ve got Fear… that fear is what is holding you back from really stepping into your power and owning it.  Let me share something that I’ve discovered through my own transformation and by aligning numerous people to their Divine Purpose… The Truth about your Divine Purpose is that it is created, designed and based on your personal passions and desires. You can let go the fear of “what if I am not cut out for this, am I qualified to do this or, how can I support myself doing what I love?” Your path was decided and designed by and for you… and when you are in ultimate alignment with your purpose you can be nothing but abundant in all aspects of your life.

You are going to ROCK THIS!

When you are in full alignment with your Divine purpose, not only will this bring you deep personal fulfillment and joy, it will also bring you prosperity and ongoing personal expansion.

Here are 3 key elements that contribute to your transition towards your goals.

1)   Your Story, Ideal client, Ideal work environment, who will you serve and how will that help you further your own personal evolution?

This is where most people get stuck, they know they are able to help many people and essentially everyone could likely benefit from your gift… but instead of being everything to everyone, you will really excel in what you do when it’s about further expanding yourself and your own development.  Think about it and don’t worry about it being too specific, for that group will expand out and evolve with you.  With almost 8 Billion souls out there… Really…there are enough people for you to work with…

2)   Creating the Physical/Virtual Aspect of your divine calling.

What, where and how do you want to provide your service or product? In person, over the phone/Internet, in groups, for individuals, within an existing company or entrepreneurship… and again… Yes.. All of the above is possible… But pick one or two to start that are the easiest for you and your current situation and the rest will evolve and grow as you do.

3)   Getting out there!

Awesome, now that you have decided the who, how and what, where is the best place to reach these souls or opportunities?  Now… This is were the tightness in the chest, the procrastination and the road blocks will often appear for many, if they haven’t in the first two steps. A great way for you to overcome this obstacle is to imagine what your perfect or ideal interaction with someone you can be of service to.

This is where your personal why and theirs meet.  What do you love helping people with and what benefits can they experience? Remember they may not have any idea about your technique, approach, skills or product… What transformation or benefits have you or those you have worked with witnessed and how can it or does it apply to them and their needs or challenge, this is what is important to them. This is YOUR message.

Now, here is a common misconception…

Why, if it’s my calling and my divine purpose is it not simply falling in my lap? The truth is… the road is clear… the obstacles are a manifestation of your subconscious fears, limiting beliefs and programs.  Many times, simply identifying these blocks and fears and following them to their root cause is enough to diffuse them, and sometimes, the programs run so deep, that we need some help to overcome them.

You might be surprised to discover that your biggest fear and set back is that of you being successful… I know it might sound crazy… BUT 75% of fear that has really proven to be real a paralyzer has been that of actually achieving your goal…

Divine Purpose


Now, there is no blanket process, the truth and fun part about being human is… we are all unique… which makes things interesting…So start imaging the unfolding of your desired path and see what internal blocks, fears or programs you might have running in the background that are really holding you back from stepping fully into your Divine Purpose.

If you aren’t yet aware of what these are, just remember, you are a powerful creator, so if your reality doesn’t align with your desires, then you have blocks.  I love it when my clients show me their “buts”, anything that follows I would like that but… Is the tip of the iceberg of your block…

I trust this has given you something to chew on as you contemplate and reflect on your next steps to a divinely guided career or business.

Love seeing you shine!

Big Love,

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Anik J. Malenfant

Divine Purpose Coach

Holistic Practitioner & Educator

Full Circle Wellness

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February 26, 2015
by Anik Malenfant
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The Healing Crisis Epidemic

Overcoming the Global Blahs
unwell image

By Anik J. Malenfant, RMT CCMT

During the last few weeks so many of us have been dropping like flies; people that are usually in good health and rarely afflicted by illness have been feeling the brunt of this latest major global shift through way of a healing crisis of some sort. We are being afflicted in every area, mental illness, emotional unbalance and upheaval, physical weakness and illness as well as being spiritually challenged.

If you are wondering what the heck is going on, be comforted in knowing that you are not alone, we are all feeling the effects of this purge. The good news is that much of our healing and karma is being release; the downfall is that it’s being released at speeds that may trigger a healing crisis.

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April 22, 2014
by Anik Malenfant
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Wellness Expo – May 3-4

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 6.31.45 PM

Wellness Expo Tickets for you and your friends on us!  Join us at the Coliseum on May 3 & 4th!

We are delighted to offer you and your friends Complementary Weekend Passes to the 10th Annual Wellness Expo at the Moncton Coliseum valued at $10 each.

If you haven’t been, the Wellness Expo is a fun and educational experience with exhibits
and seminars featuring the latest and greatest in Health and Personal Growth.

You will receive a Full Weekend Pass which includes entry
to the seminars that will be given all weekend long.

For more information about this event visit:

We will be at booth 304 offering a sample of our healing treatments, intuitive readings and growing line-up of products. Take advantage of expo specials, information on the metaphysical or enter our on-site contest!

For a complimentary pass for yourself and a friend please
visit the following link and enter the discount code: MX087

Looking forward to seeing you!
Billets pour le sommet de santer (Wellness Expo) pour vous! Au Colisée de Moncton le 3 et 4 mai!

Nous sommes ravis de vous offrir ainsi qu’à vos amis des laissez-passer complémentaires à la 10e édition annuelle du Wellness Expo au Colisée de Moncton évalués à $10 chacun. Le Wellness Expo est une expérience amusant et éducative sur toute chose santé.

Pour plus d’information:
Nous serons au kiosk 304, venez gouter un traitement d’énergie, une lecture intuitive et nos produits. Prends avantage de nos specials, enregistrez-vous à notre concours où reçoit un message positif.

Pour vos passe utiliser le code: MX087 au lien sous-dessous.

À plustard!

January 23, 2014
by Anik Malenfant
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Chios Energy Shares

Healing HandsOur Chios Shares are designed to help you develop your intuition and your energy healing techniques.  At each Chios Share we review a specific technique after which we give and receive Chios in a group.

Everyone gives and receives, has opportunities to share their experience, and ask questions.

These shares are intended to provide an ongoing learning opportunity and support to my students, and are offered to them for free as a part of their continued learning.

Other Chios students/practitioners are welcome, a small donation of $10 is required to attend.

You must RSVP to attend, do so by emailing us at or by phone at 506-878-2562

Our shares are the last Tuesday of each month from 7-9PM.

December 8, 2013
by Anik Malenfant
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Holiday Sessions – Start 2014 Fresh!

We are accepting appointments for December 30th, 31st, January 2nd and 3rd.

Book your Holiday Session today, our prices are changing in the new year, so lock in our old rates now!


October 3, 2013
by Anik Malenfant
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Winners of our Open House Door Prizes!

Thank you all for coming and sharing a great afternoon with us on September 29th.  Below is the list of lucky winners for the amazing door prizes we had collected from our extremely generous sponsors!

Our Winners:

Gabriel Simon: A feather Wand compliments of Earth Treasures, Value of $18

Rachel Fraser: A 50% Discount on a Nutritional Consultation from Amy Henry, R.H.N., Value of $75

Debbie Melanson: A 30 Minute Massage from Mother Nurture, Value approx. $40

Annick Thomas: Unlimited 1 Month Membership at Willow Yoga and Health Centre, Value $99

Janice Landry: A beautiful Gemstone ring with Sterling Silver band from JOs Gems, Value $30

Elyse Richard: A $50 Gift Certificate for Services from Ariel Richards, R.H.N

Veronique MacDougall: A necklace & earring set , Arbonne Samples and a travel cup, value $30

Chantal Roy: A beautiful art work by Natural Expressions Naturelle (Candle Holder), Value $50

Debbie Brideau: $25 Gift Certificate for Bistro33

Joanne Esser: $20 Gift Certificate for Passage – 232 Botsford Street

Sandra Blanchard: $25 Certificate for Mystic Moons & Mystic Readings

Rhoda Woodward: Zen Garden compliments of Full Circle Wellness Centre, Value $15

Liette Robichaud: 2 Weekend Passes for the Wellness Expo on Nov 2-3, Value $20

Lorise Simon: 2 Weekend Passes for the Wellness Expo on Nov 2-3, Value $20

Congratulations to all our winners, you will be hearing from us soon or feel free to contact us directly at 506-878-2562 or at

Many thanks to all of you for making it a great day!


April 18, 2013
by Anik Malenfant
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Free stuff at the Wellness Expo & New Events!

Wellness Expo – Mathieu Martin High School
April 20th & 21st, find us at booth #10

  • We will be offering special pricing on treatments so that you can taste test them.
  • We will be giving out vouchers for a FREE Thetahealing introductory session (30mins) at the expo while supplies last!
  • Enter our contest to win FREE services

Join us for one of our free presentations:
Saturday 12-12:30 – Understanding this Spiral Journey we call Life
Sunday 2:15-2:45PM – Theta Brainwaves, Using the Power of the Subconscious to Create the Change You Want in Your Life
New Classes:
  • Connecting with your Higher Self, Guides and Angels
  • ThetaHealing® Training
  • ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance
  • Healing Through Drum Making
Upcoming Classes that have space for you:
Meditation 101 – Taste Test your Way to Inner Peace
April 25th 7-9:30PM – $30
Chios® Energy Field Healing Level 3
May 4th 9-4PM $165
Chios® Energy Field Healing Level 1 – Learn to See, Sense and Heal Auras and Chakras
May 11th 11-4PM – $100
Chios® Energy Field Healing Level 2
May 26th 10-4PM – $125
ThetaHealing® Training Basic & Advanced
May 31st-June 4th – $467 each or $900 for both with early registration


January 30, 2013
by Anik Malenfant
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Join the Young Living Family!

New Members Enjoy a Free $40 Product Credit!

Do you know someone who is waiting for the perfect opportunity to join Young Living? There has never been a better time than now! From January 15 through February 28, new distributors can receive a free $40 product credit just for signing up and placing an order!

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Everyday oils

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Signing up or purchasing oils is easy simply click the link below and start shopping today!


  • Offer is valid from 12 midnight, MT, January 15, 2013, to 11:59 p.m., MT, February 28, 2013.
  • Please allow up to five business days for product credit to post to your account.
  • Limit of one $40 product credit per qualifying enrollment.
  • Offer is available to new Young Living Independent Distributors only.
  • PV minimum must be reached in a single order. Partial orders placed throughout the qualifying month cannot be combined in order to receive the product credit.
  • PV is not earned on free product.
  • Offer is valid on phone and online orders only.
  • Offer is valid in the U.S. and all NFR markets, except where restrictions prevent promotional product(s) from entering your country.

Member is responsible for shipping costs associated with ordered product.

November 2, 2012
by Anik Malenfant
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Radio Interview on November 3rd on Radio-Canada at 7:40 AM

We will be giving a radio interview tomorrow morning on Radio-Canada, Tout un Samedi with Announcer Anne Godin. We will be discussing this weekend’s Wellness Expo. Listen in at 7:40AM to hear what’s going on at this great event.

The first 150 guests will receive a gift bag of goodies from sponsors.  Doors open at 10AM.

Visit us at Booth #7.

We have a holiday promotion.  Give the Gift of Inner Peace to a loved on this season and receive $5 off any Gift Card.

We will be offering:

Mini Energy Healings for $20

20 minute Angel Readings for $2o

Ethereal Cord Cutting for $10

See you at the Expo!