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Improve your team’s cohesiveness, productivity and your bottom line!

Corporations with well balanced employees have lower absenteeism, lower burnt our and less turnover in their staff.

We offer presentations on a variety of subjects including simple and easy meditation techniques, stress and thought management techniques to groups.

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“Anik presented to our group of over 50 employees and her passion for her work was very evident. We learned how past experiences shape our beliefs and how to think critically about the validity of those beliefs. Anik emphasized the importance of questioning any beliefs that may be limiting a person’s full potential, whether at work, in a relationship, or with a personal habit. An interesting presentation that left participants deep in thought!”

~Robin, A-W-K Library Region, 2014

Benefits of mediation include:

  • Reduced employee absenteeism/burnout
  • Higher focus and productivity
  • Better problem resolution
  • Increased creativity and job satisfaction
  • Improved relations at home and work
 The Cost of Stress
According to a 2007 health Canada study, per year stress alone accounts for the following:
  • $33 Billion in lost productivity and $3.5 Billion in related medical costs
  • Illness/Absenteeism: 20%
  • Short-Term Disability: 30%
  • Long-Term Disability: 33%
  • STD and LTDC costs to drug plans: 11%
  • Job Turnovers: 39%
  • Employee Assistance Program Costs: Over 50%
  • Accidents: 59%