Full Circle Wellness Centre offers a holistic approach for individuals in the pursuit of proactively maintaining and achieving optimal health.  We enlist a number of holistic techniques, therapies, workshops and products to assist you on this amazing journey called life!

Anik J. Malenfant

Transformational Guide & Educator

ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced DNA Instructor & Practitioner, ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance Instructor & Practitioner, ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations, SoulMates, Dig Deeper, Family Ties, Rhythm and Game of Life Practitioner, Certified Chios® Master Teacher, Former Chios® Council Member, Reiki Master Teacher

Anik has an uncanny capacity to can hone in on exactly the limiting beliefs, programs and emotions that are holding someone back from moving forward towards their goals.  She is honoured to be a resource to individuals who are striving towards finding personal empowerment, personal fulfillment and abundant joy.  

Her passion is being of service to her clients and students and seeing them achieve their deepest desires and aspirations.

She lives and loves to empower people as she herself spent many years feeling dis-empowered and controlled by her life and circumstances. Anik’s learning came at a young age as a witness and victim of domestic abuse. Living her life in a way that she thought she “should”… the Universe brought her an amazing opportunity of awakening when her curiosity and interest of human will was catapulted to a passion and a way of life when she had two consecutive car accidents then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2004.

After overcoming her injuries and prognosis through complimentary health, it opened her consciousness to a new dimension of herself and what is possible when you believe. Anik’s fifteen years experience on the corporate stage brought much learning for business development, but what never sat right with her was the sales approach and the fear based employee motivational techniques for productions. These experiences gifted her with the opportunity to develop an array of comprehensive stress management tools, and a deep understanding of how to motivate with passion and purpose and how to create abundance from the heart. She enjoys supporting corporations, entrepreneurs and and all around go-getters create a supportive, productive and both personally and professional fulfilling and abundance existence.

Her capacity to support and relate to her clients and students no matter their goals is immediately felt by her engaging, accepting and non-judgemental nature.  She believes that everyone has the capacity to create the experience they desire through their thoughts, feelings and actions; she is humbled to have the honour of witnessing her clients do just that.

To love and be passionate in both your personal and work life is the best gift anyone could ever wish for. In Anik’s words, “I love being able to be my client’s advocate, friend, cheerleader and biggest fan.  They deserve it, it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to share in their joy of this discovery each day.”

Live life expecting miracles…it’s better then the alternative! 😉