About Us


Full Circle Wellness Centre offers a holistic approach for individuals in the pursuit of proactively maintaining and achieving optimal health.  We enlist a number of holistic techniques, therapies, workshops and products to assist you on your healing  journey.

headshotAnik J. Malenfant, CCMT, RMT

Holistic Practitioner and Educator

Featured Certified Chios Master Teacher, Former Chios Council Member, Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher

Anik has the honor of being a resource to individuals who are striving towards finding inner peace and personal fulfillment through life’s challenges.  

Her passion is promoting and educating people on the subject of alternative and proactive health options.

Her simple interest on this subject was catapulted to a passion and a way of life when a moderate car accident followed by a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia occurred in 2004.  After overcoming her injuries and prognosis through alternative health, it opened her consciousness to a new dimension of herself and what is possible when you have the will.

Through Anik’s fifteen years experience of working in the investment industry surviving a number of market downturns, she was gifted with the opportunity to develop an array of comprehensive stress management tools focusing on living a balanced and personally fulfilling life. The most important lesson learnt from her professional career is that disposable income is only temporary satisfaction when there is no personal fulfillment.

By opening a wellness centre in Moncton’s core, Anik is able to offer treatments and workshops to individuals as well as workshop space to like-minded holistic practitioners of all backgrounds helping them help others in their own way.

To love and be passionate in both your personal and work life is the best gift anyone could ever wish for.



Terry Lee Landry, CCMT

Certified Chios Master Teacher

Intuitive & Sound Healer

Inter-dimensional Channel


Terry has the capacity of a clear channel and is able to tune into the spirit realm and receive messages to guide, heal and support you through life’s challenges.  He is a natural born healer and has further developed his talents through learning shamanic studies and energy healing.  He enjoys providing clients with a soothing healing experience with his gentle approach and often combines his Angel and Shamanic healing techniques with the power of Sound and Crystals.